A space for entertainement:

BlueRing offers an intrinsically original and attractive space, making the most innovative and spectacular events possible. A wide choice of facilities can be housed at the same site including an arena outdoor theatre or multiplex cinema. The BlueRing in itself offers an incredible location to host the most exceptional events.As a great place to gaze out to sea, a BlueRing marina development creates a hub of activity on any coastline. Naturally one of the primary vocations of the site is to host off-shore sailing race departs and regattas and to become the first choice for all watersports festivities. With such events, BlueRing marinas create a major tourist attraction for the local area.

A space for trade:

Thanks to the wide appeal of BlueRing marinas, the new site will play a significant role in urban development policy, ensuring revitalisation of the harbour area.The site, with its hotel services, restaurants and shopping galleries, creates added value for a town or city by providing a complementary offer to existing infrastructure and facilities. Land and property also gain value through the creation of trade activities on the urban fringe.